Sunday, November 17, 2013

Grill's Ville: a Premium Burger Experience?

Grill's Ville is a small burger restaurant in Frogner, just next to the tramway stop (line 12). There are actually several restaurants in this area, including Sato, a Japanese restaurant and an Italian pizzeria.

The motto of the restaurant: "Food with Care" and it is obvious that the chef there indeed cares about the food and tries to give a premium experience to his customers.

Here is an example:

Doesn't look so nice because I am not a good photograph but it tastes better than well-known fast food chain restaurants. Also, the service was very nice when we were there.

Our only regret is that the meat itself (patty) isn't anything special and it kind of drags the whole burger quality down. In the menu, you have the option to get a bigger burger or a double meat burger. Maybe including the option to get higher quality meat should be added.

So all in all a nice place for a burger but it could be better by using higher quality patties.

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