Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crêperie de Marie: French Pancakes in Oslo

Crêperie de Mari is a restaurant for people who wants to eat French pancakes, either the savory ones ("galettes") or the sweet ones ("crêpes"). There are two restaurants and last Sunday we went to the one in Grunerløkka.

I ordered a "Dalen" with Feta cheese (the cheese can be chosen from a list) and with extra pesto (supplement).

Dalen (with feta cheese) + pesto, 131 NOK

It tasted very nicely. The tomats, the feta cheese and the pesto went very well together with the French galette. My wife went for something more classic: a "complete" galette with eggs and ham:

Komplett, 99 NOK

It tasted good too but was maybe a bit more "boring" in terms of taste. For our son, we ordered a chicken-pesto galette:

Chicken & pesto, 109 NOK

It was good too, maybe a bit too much pesto.

For dessert we shared one crêpe (sweet French pancake) as we were quite full from the main pancakces.

Sweet Angel, 79 NOK

It was called "Sweet Angel" and it was indeed heavenly. Fresh strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream.

What else to say? The restaurant can be full, avoid busy hours if possible. We had to wait ourselves about 20 minutes before getting a table. But all in all we enjoyed the food and we recommend this restaurant for people who want a French pancake, either a sweet one or a savory one.

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