Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crepes Maison: a New Creperie in Majorstuen

Crepes Maison is a cafe-restaurant which just opened last week in Majorstuen. As it name indicates, it serves French pancakes, both the sweet and the savory version ("crêpe" and "galette").

Here is an example of a galette:

You cannot tell from the picture but this one had spinach and feta cheese in it. You could also order it with ham and cheese or 4 cheese.

And here is a sweet one ("crêpe") with strawberries and Nutella (hasselnut-chocolate):

You could of course choose from many different combination (with sugar, chocolate, banana, ...).

The chef has some experience from when he lived in France and both types of pancakes tasted good.

Just two small details:
- crepes maison means "homemade pancakes"
- just in case you wonder, French pancakes don't come from Paris but from Brittany (west of France)

- sweet ones: 49 NOK
- savory ones: 69 NOK

So, just go there and enjoy some French pancakes!

Eataly in Aker Brygge: Winner of the Norwegian Pizza Championship

Eataly is a pizzeria in Aker Brygge. Elio Corsi who works there won the Norwegian Pizza Championship this year (first and third place) and we were therefore quite excited to try this pizzeria.

The restaurant offers (of course) a "commercial" variation of the pizza which finished first and also the pizza which finished third. Somehow we decided to go for other pizza that time.

My wife went for a pizza with the same name as the restaurant: pizza Eataly. It was with tomato sauce, meatballs and a bit of blue cheese.

I am not a big fan of blue cheese on pizza but this time it worked quite well because it was put in small quantity. Also the dough and the tomato sauce were good.

I went myself for a pizza Finocchiona with cream, mozarella and ... fennel salami. Hadn't hørt about fennel salami before but it tasted great and fit well with the pizza.

Finally, our son got a children version of the Prosciutto pizza with ham and mushrooms.

It had a cute fish shape and wasn't bad but I was surprised that the tomato sauce wasn't the same as the one used for adults pizza. Sweeter (better for children?) but less Italy-"authentic".

To conclude, we liked:
- the pizza which tasted good
- the fact that the toppings were original
- the fact that children could choose any pizza from the main menu (just with reduce size and price)

What we liked less:
- the service wasn't top-notch. For example, we had to wait 5-10 minutes to get water, even though we had hailed to several waiters. If you check other reviews on the net you may find horrible ones where one had to complain to the supervisor or something. It wasn't that bad for us. Just not awesome.
- strollers are not allowed inside. Common practice in the area but not a good one in my opinion.

A bit about the price: the pizza Finocchiona was at 169 NOK, the pizza Eataly at 189 NOK and the pizza for our son 85 NOK. Correct for the area.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Larsen: a Good Restaurant in Majorstuen

There are a couple of restaurants in Sørkedalsveien next to the Majorstuen T-bane station but somehow they are not popular. Maybe because they are a bit old-fashioned (compared to, say the ones in the Colosseum area). And yet, they may have a lot more to offer than one thinks. We have been to the Larsen restaurant twice and both times, we had a very good meal.

Last time, my wife ordered the dish of the day which was lam in wine sauce (138 NOK).

It is original to use lam meat with wine sauce. I am thinking for example of "boeuf Bourguignon" (beef)  or "coq au vin" (roster or, nowadays, chicken). But, well, it worked well as the lam was thin, and my wife liked it.

I went for a pasta dish (142 NOK) which was also quite original with a combination of beef, pesto and chili.

There too, it worked better than expected. The meat wasn't tasteless (as it generally is when cooked with pasta), the chili wasn't making the dish too spicy (just a bit) and overall I also liked my dish.

We had a guest with us this time who had the chicken burger (138 NOK). The chicken was tasteful with some spices and mayonnaise. It was served with tortilla chips and salsa sauce.

Our friend was also satisfied with it.

Finally, our son had some grilled chicken breast with french fries. The dish was well prepared and not "just-for-children".

So, to sum up, we were all happy with our dinner. I also checked some reviews at Google+ (in Norwegian) and other customers were also positive about this place. It is a nice place with good food and correct price.