Friday, August 15, 2014

Cafe Laundromat: Best Burger in Oslo?

A few days ago, a friend of mine wrote on her Facebook wall that the cafe Laundromat had the best burger in Oslo (she was having the Jamaican burger). And of course, it made me want to have it!

The cafe Laundromat is in Bislett, near the stadium. It was quite full even though it was quite early a week day.

My wife ordered the "Classic Burger" with bacon and cheese:

Classic Burger, 154 NOK

The quality of the patty was better than in most restaurants we have tried in Oslo. My wife found the taste to be a bit too sweet though (I am guessing some BBQ-like sauce was used when the meat was grilled). The potatoes were nothing special and a bit disappointing (the menu said they would come with a home-made ketchup but we didn't see any ketchup).

Jamaican Burger, 156 NOK

I went of course for the Jamaican burger. It looked better than in the picture above, sorry I am a terrible photograph.

The meat quality was the same as in the Classic Burger, not sweetened this time. The burger was quite original as it had... mango, shrimps and garlic dressing! But altogether it worked well and this was a good burger.

My son wanted a burger too and we took the kid's burger for him.

It was a smaller/simpler version of the Classic burger, with the same meat quality and the same taste (a bit sweet). My son liked it. The potatoes were OK.

So, is the Jamaican burger served at the Cafe Laundromat the best burger in town? Not sure, I need to try many more places before I say this but I agree that it was a very good burger.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restaurant Caspar Brambani in Sandvika: Better than Expected

Yesterday we went to Sandvika Storsenter for a shopping day. For lunch we decided to go away a bit and eat at the Caspar Brambani restaurant. It is only 5-10 minutes away and it is a nice walk (over a river and so on).

Also, the restaurant has a very nice terrace outside at the back, where children can play (sandbox, tree house, big chess board, table tennis...). Yesterday, there was even a live concert!

Live concert

Thr restaurant was full and we couldn't find a table. So we just sat somewhere and ordered some pizzas.

Barnepizza, 95 NOK

The children pizza was better than expected. Not sweetened to please children, just the "authentic" pizza taste. It was also pretty big.

Scampi Pizza, 165 NOK

My wife and I shared a "scampi pizza" and here too, I was pleasantly suprised. It wasn't with small shrimps bug big king prawns! It also had some tomatoes with garlic that went well with the pizza and with the prawns.

Example of what children can play with

The restaurant was named the best Sandvika's restaurant 2014, something I didn't know yesterday. It is a shame we only ordered pizza (pasta looked good, fish and ships was popular, ...) but well, that gives us a reason to go there again :)

Official Website:

Thank You Note

Before I start with my review today I wanted to thank the readers of this blog. I am getting more and more feedback, suggestions of restaurants to review, dishes to order, etc...

Thanks a lot for that!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Jewel of India: Indian Restaurant Near Solli

I had heard a lot of good thing about "Jewel of India" so I was happy to finally be able to go there 2 days ago. As usual, I was there with my wife and son.

The restaurant is in Solli which is a quite nice area to have dinner (not far from there, you can find a pizzeria, a Japanese restaurant, a French pancake cafe, etc...).

The meal started with some complimentary papadum and a few "sauces".

Among the sauces you see in the bottom pictures, 2 were quite spicy and 1 was sweet (kind of a jam).

After that, we got a "Cocktail Samosa":

Cocktail Samosa, 85 NOK

Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing. From the name "cocktail", I was expecting 3 pieces with different tastes. It was only 2 pieces with the same taste. Also, we found them a bit plain and nothing special.

After that, we had ordered 2 types of curry: "Chicken Shahjahani Curry Chef's Special" and "Masala Lam Chef's Special".

Chicken Curry (210 NOK) and Masala Lam (225 NOK)

We had the choice of "hot level" on a scale from 1 to 6 (6 being the hottest) and went for 2 for both curry. It was exactly what we wanted. A bit spicy but not too much.

They both tasted good, especially the curry of the masala lam. Also, thanks to the clever recipient they used (with heating at the bottom) the dishes didn't get cold.

All in all, we are quite satisfied with the dinner. The service was good, the restaurant is beautiful and the rices are OK (maybe on the high/quality side). I would advise you to book a table if you want to go there, especially during rush hours.

As a final note: this is what came at the end of the meal and I found it quite beautiful so I took a picture of it.

Official website: