Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tabibito: Another Chinese Restaurant near Nationaltheatret

There are many Asian restaurants near Nationaltheatret and I already reviewed Dinner here. The name Tabibito is Japanese but the restaurant serves Chinese food.

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor, facing Brasserie 45 and I don't think it is available to wheel chairs. It is a beautiful restaurant with a great entrance and an overall nice design.

My wife went for the Dim Sum menu for 2 and shared it with our son

Dim Sum Deluxe: 199 NOK per person, min 2 p.

The Dim Sum were really nice but be careful that some of them were a bit spicy. It should not be a problem for an adult but some children may not like them (not all of them were spicy).

I went for the Foo Wok hot pot:

Foo Wok Hot Pot, 248 NOK

It was quite spicy but I like spicy food and the menu said so. Otherwise, it was quite good, especially the sauce/spices.

All in all, the prices are a bit high but the service is excellent, the restaurant is beautiful and the food is quite good.


  1. We went to Tabibito this Friday. The service was terrible (from the Middle-East-looking waiter), and the food was not good but expensive.

    When asked to introduce the first course, the answer was: "What is the problem?!"

    We asked then if the food was more like Northern- or Southern Chinese cuisine, the answer was: "We serve Hong Kong food here! No Chinese food! Hong Kong is not Chinese!!! It has nothing to do with China!!!"

    Wow, what a ridiculous terrible way to serve customers.

    1. This is terrible! I am sorry to hear about this. I don't recall a Middle-East-looking waiter. When we were there, we were greeted and brought to our table by the owner and served by an elegant Chinese woman. We were really happy about the service but we also found the prices to be a bit high.