Sunday, April 7, 2013

Casa del Maggiore: an Underrated Italian Restaurant in Majorstuen

*** Update July 2013: this restaurant has unfortunately closed. A new place will open 1st August ***

Some restaurants deserve more customers and Casa Del Maggiore is one of them. A good Italian place with an Italian chef and a very sweet waitress but very few customers.

Casa Del Maggiore has maybe the disadvantage of being on the quiet side of Majorstuen (Sørkedalsveien 3) where people are not used to go for dinner.

Costolette d'Agnello: lamb ribs with vegetables 267 NOK

When we went there, we were the only customers so I cannot say how efficient the service is but the waitress was really warm and welcoming.

Calzone Paradiso: closed pizza with ham and mushrooms 149 NOK

My lamb ribs were really good and the pizza of my wife (calzone) was also pretty good. It was nice to hear some Italian in the background (when the chef was speaking with the waitress for example).

Tiramisu, 89 NOK

I ordered a Tiramisu for dessert and it was quite nice but I found it a bit expensive.

All in all, as said in the introduction, Casa del Maggiore deserves more customers as the food is good the service is nice and the prices are correct (just the dessert may be a bit expensive). 

Trivia: do you know what Casa del Maggiore means? Actually, it is quite funny because literally it could be translated by "House of the Major" which is also the meaning of Majorstuen. A kind of Italian Majorstuen at Majorstuen.

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