Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crepes Maison: a New Creperie in Majorstuen

Crepes Maison is a cafe-restaurant which just opened last week in Majorstuen. As it name indicates, it serves French pancakes, both the sweet and the savory version ("crêpe" and "galette").

Here is an example of a galette:

You cannot tell from the picture but this one had spinach and feta cheese in it. You could also order it with ham and cheese or 4 cheese.

And here is a sweet one ("crêpe") with strawberries and Nutella (hasselnut-chocolate):

You could of course choose from many different combination (with sugar, chocolate, banana, ...).

The chef has some experience from when he lived in France and both types of pancakes tasted good.

Just two small details:
- crepes maison means "homemade pancakes"
- just in case you wonder, French pancakes don't come from Paris but from Brittany (west of France)

- sweet ones: 49 NOK
- savory ones: 69 NOK

So, just go there and enjoy some French pancakes!

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