Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not the best day for Jacob All

Yesterday, it was the 17th of May (big day for Norway!) and we decided to have lunch at Jacob All in Majorstuen, a place we like. Unfortunately, it wasn't their best service.

They had a special menu (which I understand) and I went for their special Jacob All burger. The burger itself was good. Quite a lot of pepper on the meat but that's the way I like it. The sauce was good too.

Unfortunately the French fries were not good. Lukewarm (probably prepared in advance), overcooked on the outside, not cooked enough on the inside, they simply didn't taste great.

My wife didn't have a bigger success with her Caesar salad. Too much pepper on her chicken and otherwise nothing special about it.

For our son, we thought about ordering something simple sausage/fries but he wasn't that hungry and we found the price a bit bigh (109 nok). We asked if we could get the fries only but the answer was no.

All in all a bit disappointed. I understand that the 17th May (or other events) can be a bit chaotic but I still think the overall experience could have been better (after all, we only ordered simple things). We like this place so I hope this was just a one time problem.

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