Monday, July 15, 2013

Delicatessen: Popular Tapas Restaurant in Majorstuen

Tonight we went to a popular Tapas restaurant in Majorstuen. This place is actually the victim of its success as it is often full and it may take some time to get a table or to get served.

Fortunately, tonight was a Monday night (restaurants are generally less busy early in the week) and we are during the summer holiday period which is also a factor for quiet evenings.

Worth noting: Delicatessen can be found in both Grünerløkka and Majorstuen. I am reviewing here the one in Majorstuen.
Chicken skewers and home-made sausages

It wouldn't be smart to review in details each dish as the principle of tapas is to order quite a lot of them and as they may vary depending on the season (available fresh products). 

Grilled asparagus, Pan con tomate and Mini-burger

What we can say is that on the whole, the tapas we ordered were good, that the restaurant had a nice choice of dish (going from Spanish ham to scampi, not forgetting potato-omelet, grilled asparagus, and many other dishes) and that most of it was homemade. Also, I am not an expert of Spanish cuisine but I have been several times to Spain and can say that this restaurant definitively had a Spanish touch.

Warm Chevre salad, croquetas Iberias and Serrano ham

About the service and restaurant: we had a little incident at the beginning. The staff told us we couldn't go in because of the stroller (which is understandable) but they were of little help trying to find a solution to it. Basically, sorry you cannot come in. That's it. After that, the service was fine, though and we enjoyed the meal.

Sitronterte  med bringebær

Otherwise, the restaurant is nice, especially when it comes to its location. Central enough (Majorstuen) to be easy to go to while not too noisy as it is a bit away from the main street.

When it comes to the price, we paid about 1000 NOK, knowing that we were two adults and one 3-yo child. We didn't have drinks but ate a lot and had desserts. So all-in-all a bit expensive but not exaggerated pricing.  Advice: avoid rush hours or be ready to have some waiting time.

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